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Even if it is a basement, it is possible to facilitate its maintenance while giving a more engaging aspect.

Why and how to paint a cement floor?

The concrete floor of a garage or cellar is rarely decorative and often difficult to clean. Painting it brings color, while maintaining a washable surface that does not fear the passage of a vehicle.
If the soil is new, wait at least three months for the screed to dry well. On an old floor, cleaning and preparation work is essential.
Work in small areas covering a few centimeters the successive bands. Cross the passes for the second layer to obtain a flawless finish.

before painting a cement floor

To repair them, open the chisel cracks for 1 cm.

plug the cracks of a cement floor

Then fill the cracks with a repair mortar or cement with added resin.

sand a cement floor

Level small irregularities with an eccentric sander equipped with a coarse abrasive disc.
Then vacuum all the dust.

clean a cement floor before painting

The support should be as clean as possible.
Clean it with a detergent, then insist on the traces of fat with acetone.

to paint a garage cement floor

With a flat brush, paint the edges of the room.
Continue with the medium-nap roll progressing in small areas and in parallel strips.

how many layers to paint a cement floor

Leave to dry for 48 hours then apply a second coat.
Count two days before investing the room, four to park a vehicle if it is a garage.

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