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My basement garage is in raw concrete for 30 years. I would like to paint it; it seems to me that a smoothing patch would be needed before painting, which product to use? What thickness is desirable to ensure frequent passage of the car? If not, will the paint be properly applied to the well-cleaned bare ground?

Indeed a good leveling of the soil can be useful. Take inspiration from the sheet CONCRETE FLOORING CONCRETE AND PARQUETS dedicated to this operation on our site. Remember to pass an adhesion primer before applying your mortar. On a floor with flatness defects less than 1 cm opt for a smoothing mortar, possibly fiber-reinforced, otherwise orient yourself towards a leveling plaster. After total drying sand the surface. After dedusting apply a special "soil" paint for intensive use.

But you can also try to apply a concrete floor paint directly after a good cleaning.

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