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I would like to repaint my rustic style kitchen, in solid oak and varnished (not waxed). I plan to put one or two underlay applications: should I sand first and do you recommend an acrylic or glycerol underlayment? Then at the level of my final painting, same question: acrylic or glycerol?

Varnished furniture has limited attachment capacity: light sanding is the minimum preparation, the ideal is always a complete stripping. It must also be ensured that the furniture to be painted is free of all traces of grease.
The paint used must be sufficiently resistant to use. Glycerophthalic paints are very resistant to wear, but they are no longer tolerated indoors because of the high emission of VOC. Quality acrylic paints have made significant progress, and are perfectly usable for a kitchen. In this case the undercoat will also be acrylic, the finish must be at least satin (no matte finish) and ideally glossy, in order to be easily cleaned.

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