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If you have ever painted or varnished on the outside, you must have realized, the main enemy of a clean and successful job is the wind. This one seems to have a great pleasure in putting down all kinds of dust and impurities on the surface you are painting, not to mention pollen in the spring and dead leaves in the fall. What is more annoying. To counter this, the easiest way is of course to monitor the weather and choose a windless day to work but it is not always easy and is not 100% proven efficiency, because there is Always have a little breeze that can come and tease you.

The solution is simple, to prevent it from lifting anything, wet your soil on a large surface around which you want to paint. Water will stick the sand and dust to the ground, preventing them from rising and contaminating your work. Be careful, however, not to spray your work surface and prefer the use of watering can waterjet, especially if you get closer. Finally, repeat the operation as often as necessary, especially in the summer, until your painting is dry.

For recalcitrant dead leaves, watch for and remove them immediately so that they are not permanently in the paint.

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