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Renovate, decorate, give pep's to your interior... All the reasons are good to paint your radiators. Prepare your radiator and paint it by following some very simple tips: you will be amazed by the result!

Paint a radiator

Paint a radiator

Prepare your radiator to paint it

Before you start painting your radiator, it must be prepared. To do this, start by turning it off. It must be perfectly cold. If you can, disassemble your radiator: it will be much easier for you to paint it.

Then clean the surface. If your radiator is new or has never been painted, all you have to do is dust it off and then degrease it with acetone or methylated spirits. If your radiator has already been painted, dust it off and then scour it. Brush the peeling paint. Finally, if your radiator shows rust stains, brush them also and apply a rust treatment product.

On a bare cast iron radiator, apply an underlayment product.

Paint your radiator

To paint your radiator, choose a special radiator paint. This painting can be acrylic or glycero. It is specially designed to withstand heat changes and rust. It exists in different primary colors. For a more personalized mix, you can buy a special radiator paint base and color it as you wish.

To paint the back of the radiator, use a rabbit paw roller. For facades, top and bottom of the radiator, use a flat brush. For hard to reach places, use an angled brush.

Spray two coats of paint on your radiator. Wait 48 hours before reinstalling and relighting your radiator: the paint must be perfectly dry! When you turn on your heater, do it gradually so as not to cause thermal shock.

Painting your radiator is not difficult. This is a great way to give it a second youth, or to give a unique side to the decoration of your home!

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