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We would like to paint the Iroko railing of a terrace at 1800m altitude. Can you give us some tips for painting this tropical wood?

It is always a pity to paint an exotic wood such as iroko, which takes a nice hue of tobacco while skating. You might want to bring out the color and the veining of the wood with a colorless, microporous, impregnated stain (you will find all the necessary information on the BONDEX website for its Aquaprotect product, and the stain on the BLANCHON site. )? It will protect your wood against climatic aggressions, molds and fungi.

Whether you are applying a stain or paint, degrease your railing well, then sand it with 80 grit sandpaper to open the pores. Clean with clear water and allow to dry before applying the stain in several layers. For the painting a technical underlay JULIEN J8 is necessary.

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