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Hello, sometimes we have to paint a stairwell very high, and it is very complicated, and very dangerous. And all this unnecessary space to heat more.

So, by these times of energy saving, it is very interesting to make a false ceiling that can be isolated from above to reduce the height and heating needs. And because of this, it will be much easier to repaint the cage from a lower height. In addition it can avoid an accident...

To achieve this false ceiling, we can fix cleats on each side, and top to fix a plywood of 5 or 8 mm.

With LV above. And instead of complicating the life to paint, and to pass the coating, we can stick polystyrene ceiling slabs for example. But pay attention to the height that must be sufficient: think about moving.

In addition, it is often possible to recover the lost volume by making an opening in a room to create a closet, thus saving space.

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