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Painting your tiling can be a good idea to revamp your interior, especially if you have decided to redo your decor. How to repaint your tile, what kind of paint to use? All answers are on DuitDesign.

What tiling can we paint, and what paint to use?

Most types of tiles can be repainted: ceramic tiles such as stoneware or earthenware are particularly suitable for exercise. You will have more difficulties repainting porous tiles because they suck paint and do not give an optimal rendering.

You can repaint a floor tile or wall tile. To paint a wall tile, you have three options: use a special paint to apply directly to the tile, or a resin to cover your tiles. The best solution is to first apply an underlay to your tile before painting it: this leaves you with a greater choice in the colors you will use.

To paint a tile on the floor, you can either apply a paint directly on the tile (but in this case, the joints will always be visible). You can also cover your tiled floor with waxed concrete to give it a different look.

How to prepare the tiling to paint it?

Painting your tiles is not a very complicated operation. Nevertheless, it must first be prepared to ensure that the surface is smooth and clean. To do this, proceed as follows:

  • Clean and degrease your tiles,
  • Rinse your tile well,
  • Then sand it with an eccentric sander with coarse sandpaper (between 40 and 60).
  • Then apply undercoat, paint coat or plaster.

Painting a tile is not a very complicated operation. It's also an economical way to give new life to your kitchen or bathroom, for example.

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