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To repaint a wall, it is not enough to buy a brush and a can of paint and start the work. It is necessary, beforehand, to prepare the support by applying coatings and a sub-layer essential to the repair of your wall and to the good adhesion of the painting. Find out what a sub-layer is, how to prepare your support and how to apply it.

Repainting a wall: the application of the underlay

Repainting a wall: the application of the underlay

What is an underlay for?

Although some say that the application of an undercoat is not essential, it still makes life easier when applying your paint. Indeed, the underlay prevents the wall from drinking paint and so does you save money. It also ensures a better grip of the paint and guarantees a long-term result. Applying an underlay also helps protect your wall from moisture and prevents paint from peeling afterwards.

How to prepare your wall before applying an underlay

Before applying your underlay, you will have to go through a number of steps to prepare your wall. First, clean the surface to be painted with a little degreasing lye and re-seal any holes and cracks by applying filling compound. Once this is done, you will then need to sand before laying the smoothing coating whose main function is to plug the micro-holes and offer a perfectly smooth surface to paint. Sand again, dust off and then apply the undercoat.

How to apply an underlayment of oeinture?

The underlay is not difficult to apply and applies as a classic paint. Start with the ceiling (if necessary) and then go down gradually painting the walls and baseboards and finally the outlines of doors and windows.
For borders and angles, apply the undercoat with a brush and use a foam roller for the rest of the room. Start with vertical stripes and think to cross the movements to cover the surface to be painted and also avoid leaving traces. Once this step is completed, let it dry before painting your wall. Generally only one layer is enough but he is perfectly possible to apply two layers in case you want to apply a clear painting on an old dark painting.

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