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Paint wall tile

Tired of the old tiles of your kitchen? A quick and economical solution exists, tiling. To change the scenery in changing tiles follow the guide.

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Tools and materials needed:

An acetone solvent
A sponge
A special primary tiling ("julien" type)
A paint truck
Matte or glossy paint, preferably Glycero
Scotch tape
A paint roller

Step 1: Surface preparation

Before painting it is essential to degrease your surface. For this, apply acetone, which you will then wash with large amounts of water.

Step 2: the under layer

In order for the painting to stand on your smooth tiles, you have to apply a primer.
Apply this first layer to the roll on the entire tile, including the seam.
Then allow to dry for at least 24 hours the primary before attacking the following layers.

Step 3: painting

If you want to apply different colors to your wall, use the masking tape to mark the different areas.

Paint wall tile: wall

Then pass a first layer that you let dry 24 hours then a second final coat.

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