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What product do you recommend for repainting the wall tile in my bathroom and bathtub? I was seduced by Resinence but opinions on the net are very divided.

The product is presented as accessible to all and a facility of disconcerting application, which is not the case for neophytes; the resin-based coating solutions offered by the company "Résinence" are very good products if they are applied by people who have already acquired good notions of DIY.

It is also a very "technical" product that requires good preparation of surfaces. You will find on our site a sheet APPLYING A RESIN ON A WALL TILE of Resinence, and a RENOVATION OF A BATH that will help you for your renovation work.

But you can also use a specific paint for the tiles, or apply a primer, then a lacquer of your choice. Refer to the range of Julien paintings.

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