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You want to change the decoration of your home by changing the color of your walls? Before you take out your brushes and paint cans, make sure to master all the techniques. We explain to you how to paint your walls like a pro!

The tools needed

To paint a wall, you will need tools for large areas. Bring rolls, brushes or paintbrushes, a paint tray, a drying rack, tarpaulins to protect your furniture, a stepladder for access to high surfaces, and white spirit for clean your brushes when you're done. You will find this material in all DIY stores. Be careful, choose your brushes according to the paint you will use. Opt for brushes synthetic hair for acrylic paint, and for brushes in natural bristles for glycerol paint.

Paint your walls

Before painting, consider preparing the room. Install the tarpaulins on the furniture that you want to protect, apply masking tape to mark the areas not to paint (baseboards, ceiling...) and check the condition of the walls. They must be clean, smooth and dry. If necessary, clean your walls, seal the holes with plaster or sand the bad reliefs. Then you can mix the paint and begin to clear the corners and paint around the walls with a round brush or a brush to rechampir. This makes it possible not to exceed the masking adhesive. Finally, paint the walls.

Paint with a brush

Start by dipping your brush in the water, then rub it on the wall. This allows you to remove the hairs ready to fall, and thus avoid finding them stuck to the walls once the paint applied! Then go to painting. Plunge your brush vertically into the paint bucket. The hairs must be submerged to their half, but do not flood it either. To avoid dripping, wring it on the edge of the pot. Apply the paint vertically: from top to bottom and from bottom to top. It is advisable to paint in strips of 50 centimeters on each side. Then, cross by painting again from right to left then from left to right. Finish with a vertical smoothing, without adding paint, using a codtail brush.

Paint by roller

Dip half of the sleeve into the paint. Remove excess product and spread evenly over the spin rack (this will be easier to pick up paint without excess). Then, apply the paint in square one meter and always move the roll up and down. Then cross, making horizontal movements. Finally, without adding paint, smooth roll up and down.

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