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Paint a window

Ideal to revive a room, repainting windows is a quick and easy operation, but requires a few precautions.

Difficulty level:


Tools and materials needed:

Saint-Marc type laundry.
A metal brush.
A flat brush.
A brush to rechampir.
Masking tape.
A tarpaulin or cardboard.
A sponge.
A used cloth.

Step 1: preparing the surface.

Before you start painting, degrease and clean the woodwork with Saint-Marc type laundry using a sponge. If necessary, scrape the surface with a wire brush. You will facilitate the hanging of the painting.
Then protect the windows by laying masking tape along the surfaces to be painted, do the same for the walls surrounding the window jambs.
Finally, cover the floor with tarpaulins, cardboard or newsprint to prevent paint spills.
Do not forget to open the windows of the windows before starting the painting, the ideal is to dislodge them completely.

Step 2: painting the sleepers.

Start by painting the top rails of the frame with the flat brush. Cross, then smooth the paint horizontally. Remember to immediately remove the brushes any sagging to avoid unsightly relief and particularly noticeable on your woodwork.
Then go to the bottom rails of the chassis, following the same method.

Step 3: painting the little woods. (Optional step: only if your windows have small woods).

Paint the small woods with the brush to rechampir. Grow and smooth the paint vertically and evenly; be careful that it seeps between the glass and the wood. If you burr on the tiles, it is imperative to remove them immediately with an old cloth soaked in the appropriate solvent.

Step 4: painting the amounts.

Then paint the stiles by crossing and smoothing uniformly vertically. For interior parts and angles, we recommend the rechampir brush as well as for the Maw-Maw.

Step 5: painting the frame.

Begin with the top cross member of the fixed frame and then the lower part (the support piece), proceeding exactly as for the cross members of the frame.
Then go to the studs, using the same technique as for the chassis uprights.

Step 6: painting the fittings.

The fittings must be painted at the same time as their posts and crosspieces, with the same paint. For more precision, use the brush to rechampir without too much load so as not to hinder their operation.

Paint a window: window

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