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Paint wood

Wooden doors, window frames and other woodwork are not content with a simple brushstroke. Their painting requires special attention.

Difficulty level:


Tools and materials needed:

A printing primer.
Wood paint.
Masking tape.
Paint brushes.
Abrasive paper.
Wedge to sand.
Dust brush.
Small cleat.
Wood putty.

If you work around a window, it is advisable to cover your window with masking tape to avoid paint marks. You can do the same for all corners and edges around your woodwork, which will save you hours of scraping to repair small overflows.

Step 1: Prepare the surface.

If the old paint is damaged, etch the surface.
Dust off your woodwork with the brush, or a wet cloth if they are very dusty.
Using wood putty, seal the holes in the woodwork, let it dry for 30 minutes, then sand and dust once more your work surface.
Then apply shellac with a brush on the resinous parts of the wood to prevent them from oozing.

Step 2: The printing primer sublayer.

Brush the primer undercoat evenly and allow to dry for a few hours.
Wrap the wedge, sand with the sandpaper and then rub it lightly on the painted surface. For reliefs, moldings and angles, you use a small cleat also covered with sandpaper. You will thus sand all the irregularities.

Step 3: the paint layers.

Sprinkle paint on the light spots of the woodwork, and two underlayments in the darkest areas. All while stretching the paint well
Once all undercoats are dry, iron the brush and lightly rub the woodwork with a damp cloth to remove any dust.
Then apply the finishing coat with a large flat brush.

Video Instruction: How To Paint Wood Furniture