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Paint a parquet floor

Nothing better than a stroke of paint to give a boost to a damaged floor or to embellish a floor of poor quality.

Difficulty level:


Tools and materials needed:

A parquet sander
A vacuum
A roll
A spatula
Fine-grained abrasive cloth
Two-component polyurethane paint (floor paint) or acrylic paint
Varnish and white spirit (only if you choose acrylic paint)

Step 1: preparation of the floor

If your soil is raw, it will be enough to leach and vacuum to make the surface as smooth and clean as possible.
If the floor is painted, varnished, stained, oiled or waxed, the floor must be sanded in order to expose the wood. To achieve this result, it is advisable to use a sander parquet that will be passed three times on the entire floor respecting the direction of the son of the wood: 1st pass with a large grain (60 or 80) to strip the wood and remove all glue and varnish residues. 2nd pass with a finer grain (100 or 120) to remove marks left by the first sanding. 3rd passage with a very fine grain (180 to 200) which will make the wood look natural without sanding marks.
To sand along walls or hard to reach places, use a sanding block, and apply it in three passes with the same grains.
Once your floor is perfectly sanded, it is necessary to clean it in order to remove all the dust that would affect the adhesion of the paint.

Step 2: painting the floor

Once your floor is perfectly prepared and dry, you can finally move on to the second stage:
Mix your paint well until it is perfectly fluid.
If you paint with acrylic, add 10% of white spirit.
Start at the bottom of the room at the corner farthest from the door.
Pass a first layer by pulling well on the painting to have a rendering as uniform as possible.
Allow the paint to dry for about 10 hours then sand the floor with fine-grained abrasive cloth (80).
Dust it all off.
Then pass the second coat without any dilution of the paint.
If the rendering does not seem to be uniform enough let dry the second layer, sand to the abrasive cloth dust and make a third and last coat.

Step 3: Finishing

If your painting is "special floor" no finishing is necessary. Wait at least four days for the coating to harden before stepping on it.
If the paint is acrylic then it will be necessary to apply a glaze to protect the soil.

Video Instruction: How to paint parquet flooring - Tikkurila