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I currently have a varnished oak kitchen. I would like to paint it. I want to do it well, sanding it. I do not want to put V33 paint directly on it. So what are all the steps to perform and what type of paint to use?

Above all, it must be borne in mind that a kitchen is subject to intense wear, and that wanting to paint kitchen items is more than a "simple touch of paint", at least if one is aiming at a certain durability.
At first, it is important to perfectly degrease all the elements, which are usually covered with a film of fat, even if it seems very fine. The difficulty is to overcome the details of the moldings.
Then you have to to peel the elements to be painted, that is to say fine sanding, whose purpose is to allow a better attachment of the painting.
For finishing, the most durable results will be achieved with quality paints, regardless of the brand. Most manufacturers offer specific paints to varnished kitchen furniture. V33 is a specialist, but there are others...
The application will be done rather flat, using small rollers and brushes for the songs and the molded areas. Two layers are necessary, taking care to respect the drying times recommended by the manufacturer between the two layers.
Another solution is to use a resin, but this type of product requires a lot of care and a knack.

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