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I wanted to know if you knew Dulux Valentine's "decoexpress" paint machine and know what you thought about it, because I'm going to build a new house and I'm going to have to paint very large surfaces.

The DECOEXPRESS system includes a central unit connected to a paint roller by a flexible pipe of 4 m, which hosts paint cartridges. Simply place the cartridge in the device and it is only necessary to press the trigger to raise the paint up to a drip roller that prevents any projection. A 5-liter cartridge covers an area of ​​80 m2. You will easily depreciate this device (100 €) if you want to paint large areas, especially as the price of the paint cartridge is close to that of the pot paint of the same brand. But beware: it is not a professional material and it must be used without brutalizing it...

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