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Painting: the right tools, the right techniques

Decorative painting is one of the most accessible activities for the amateur. However, the results are often disappointing because of the use of low-end paints because they are cheaper, and tools that are poorly adapted to the intended use. If the brush (term preferred to that of "brush" by professionals) is the basic tool par excellence, it is the paint roller which is generally preferred for its superior performance. The paint buffer, yet very effective, remains a confidential tool. The spray gun, long considered as the field of bodywork, is essential, with the arrival of low-pressure stations, as a very effective tool when used in good conditions. Finally, the masking tape, too often neglected, is the guarantee of a perfect finish. Of course, the good preparation of the painting, as well as the preparation of the supports, are essential stages to obtain good results.

  • Paint accurately with tesa® masking tape
  • Use a masking tape straight lines
  • Spray painting
  • Pad painting
  • How to paint with a brush?
  • Painting, preparation

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