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Your staircase is too dark or too bright? It worn out, faded and you want to give it a facelift? Repainting a wooden staircase is a good solution. And for the end result to meet your expectations, there are some steps to follow.

Choosing the right paint before repainting a staircase

The painting of a staircase must above all be resistant because it will undergo many passages and friction. It must also be slip to avoid any risk of falling. Some floor paints or special stairs are available on the market. Available in many colors and finishesthey can adapt to any interior.

Prepare your support well before painting

Before repainting stairs, you must first remove all traces of old paint for the new paint to adhere properly. The stairs must be sanded to bring the wood bare. This operation can be done with a chemical stripper, a heat gun or with a sander. A belt or disc sander can strip large areas such as steps, risers and stringers while a corner sander will provide access to small spaces. Depending on the thickness of the paint layer, sufficient sandpaper should be provided.

Check the condition of the stairs before repainting

Once the staircase is sanded, it is best to check that it is not damaged and does not present a risk. If this is the case, a renovation will have to be considered. Otherwise, you can repaint it easily with a specific paint for stairs or floors. Subject to frequent passages, the staircase must be painted with a paint that is both resistant and non-slip. A single layer for a ceruse effect or two layers on a sub-layer for a more covering, everything depends on your tastes.

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