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The painting is far from black! The painting "chalkboard way" plays all the colors: green, white, pink, turquoise and always black for an old-fashioned effect. It makes any surface ready to write with chalk. With a matte appearance, it applies to walls as well as objects. We ask on the board, this family of paintings ready to write!

Chalkboard painting

Chalkboard painting

Characteristics of paintings "Chalkboard"

The most common paints are bilayer in solvent phase, They are cleaned with a chemical diluent. They are applied indoors and outdoors. Others are in aqueous phase, ecological and carry the toy standard. They apply indoors only and are safe for young children.

The application of the painting "chalkboard" is all the easier as the surface is well prepared. It must be perfectly smooth and according to the supports and requires one or more layers of primer. To cover a rough cement wall, pass two coats of smoothing plaster. If this is not enough, put down a glass plate that is easy to paint, provided it is washed and defatted with alcohol.

Wood and its derivatives require to be sanded before being covered with plaster underlayments. As for the laminate, it must be washed with dishwashing liquid and a scouring pad. In general, remember to remove all residual particles before you start painting.

Paintingfaçon "Chalkboard" and tips

For a uniform rendering pass the painting in crossed layers by roller, brush or spray. Use water to clean your material for waterborne paints and white spirit for those in the solvent phase. Above all, respect the manufacturer's advice regarding the drying time between coats and once the painting is finished.

For daily maintenance, wash the board with a few drops of dishwashing liquid. To write, use preferably natural chalks which easily fade to the felt pad. You also open to choose markers with liquid chalk who leave with a simple rag.

If you want the board surface to be redundant and to attract magnets, use one or two coats of magnetic paint before going to chalkboard painting. Its price varies according to its nature. Count however between 2 and 6 €, which is an average of € 3 per m². With your brushes!

And for refractories, there are plastic films imitation chalk board.

Video Instruction: How to Paint a Chalkboard using Chalkboard Paint