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Today, interior coating paints are full of imagination to give free rein to yours. Ready and easy to use, they use all the registers. They play the effects of style in every room of the house. Sequined, aerosolized, magnetic, imitation chalkboard, old-fashioned or ethnic, they punctuate your space in all subtlety or punctuate it by breaking its unity. The range of possibilities...

Creative paintings ready to apply

Spangled paints are most often ready for use. They are ideal for rejuvenating and refining an already painted wall. It is advisable to wear only one wall, to preserve its glamorous effect without overloading.

Replacing the classic paint bucket, aerosols are suitable for small areas. Their diffusion system makes it possible to create smooth surfaces such as a mirror or contrary more blurred or spotted, depending on the degree of pressure exerted.

The paintings that imitate a blackboard are introduced into the children's room to leave a large space of expression with chalk. Graffiti and drawings are welcome because they disappear with a simple blow of sponge. They also make the happiness of the kitchens and marry willingly the magnetic painting which makes the adhesion of all the magnets: letter of alphabets, list of races...

Creative paintings to work

The old-fashioned paintings, although easy to implement, require some paw. This is usually a glaze applied on a base layer, in particular to obtain a patina effect. Both products are ready to use. You just have to choose the mode of application. With a sponge, a cloth, a plastic bag, all means are allowed. And if you want to renovate wooden paneling, stain and ceruse that arise also in 2 stages allow you many modes of application, even to invent them.

Very popular today, the tadelakt for its raw appearance and warm notes. This traditional coating of Moroccan interior walls is today easy to imitate. Just add pigments to a "tadelakt effect" coating. To get the right result, everything lies in the handling of the trowel, a kind of trowel and in the passage of a small pebble to get this brilliant effect, typical of this coating with Mediterranean sounds.

Video Instruction: How to Make Creative Painting