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Effect paints

The effect paintings offer you maximum decoration in a minimum of time. With a little common sense, and imagination, these innovative finishes can create an original and personalized environment at very affordable rates. Also, this week DuitDesign offers you to discover the most common of these paintings so that you can invent a decor that looks like you.

Style effect:

In an industrial style, concrete-like paints or coatings perfectly reproduce the visual rendering of this material and are available in many shades from around twenty euros per liter. They are easily applied to most surfaces and are particularly popular in bathrooms. Just as modern, metallic paints mimic the reflections of iron for very contemporary interiors. Count around fifteen euros per liter on average. Tadelak imitation paints, look like they are mistaken for the famous Moroccan coating of the same name, but apply with greater ease, count on average fifty euros per liter.

style effect paintings.

Finally, in a more classical way, lime-effect paints model the appearance of lime renders. They are sold in pots at relatively high prices from sixty euros per liter, but can also be achieved economically by superimposing two layers of paint with contrasting hues.

Texture effect:

Most texture effects do not require the use of particular paints. It is therefore possible to make most of it by yourself, including brushed, crackled or speckled effects. Nevertheless, there is a whole range of effect paint in DIY stores. Thus, glaze-like paintings, tone on tone, imitate the play of transparency that we find in real glazes that apply in several layers, available from thirty euros per liter. In addition, wax-coated renders the porosity of the plaster for walls "old-style" account can can ready fifty euros per liter. Finally, the sandblasted paints contain small grains of silica to obtain a relief structure, but also to camouflage the supports in poor condition, available from sixteen euros per liter.

Fun effect:

paints with a playful effect.

The walls look like playgrounds with playful paintings for the enjoyment of both young and old. The blackboard painting, available in many colors allows to draw on the walls and objects without triggering a diplomatic incident, from thirty euros per liter. The magnetic painting, at sixty euros per liter, offers you the possibility to fix magnetic objects on the support of your choice and can be covered with any paint finish. Recently, there is also paint "home theater" to turn any piece of wall into a projection screen for about 70 euros 2 liters allowing you to cover about 9 m2. Another novelty, the glitter paint is ideal to give a little festive air to its interior or to decorate a girl's room, from twenty-six euros per liter. Finally, the phosphorescent paint stores the daylight to diffuse it in the dark in order to realize a decoration visible in the middle of the night from twenty-five euros the two hundred and fifty milliliters.

Before closing this survey, Handyman advises you to thoroughly learn about the techniques of installation before you embark on a painting effect, otherwise you may get a result far removed from your expectations.

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