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Matt paints are very trendy at the moment, with their natural and uncluttered look, they match the contemporary design of the new interiors. But beyond its chic and simple aesthetic, these are also paintings that bring many practical benefits. Which?

Matt paints

Matt paints

Stylize your pieces with a matte paint

The particular rendering of the matte paint because it does not reflect light unlike satin paint, which gives both a touch of elegance and naturalness. Its success comes from its velvety appearance that exudes a warm atmosphere while keeping a sober, very modern appearance. It is ideal for living rooms, such as the master bedroom, living room or dining room. Suppliers of matt paints offer a very interesting color panel that can be adapted to all interiors and, what is not negligible, their price is very competitive (from 30 euros / 10 liters for the price of matte paints the most basic).

The mat, for a "zero defect" interior

The inescapable advantage of matte paint is that it hides irregularities and imperfections walls and ceilings unlike glossy paints. It can be applied with a roller, a spray gun or a brush suitable for matt paints to facilitate its application and obtain a smooth finish, without trathese and without defects with an opaque appearance. So beyond its chic and contemporary aesthetic, the matte paint also has a practical use thanks to its qualities that give it a perfect grip even on damaged surfaces and a covering function.

Avoid some mistakes

Despite all its qualities, the matte paintings still have some flaws. Indeed, they tend to hang dust and they are not leachable and fragile enough. Some rooms are therefore to be avoided as a corridor with many passages, children's rooms, kitchen, bathroom... If we really want to apply a matte paint or if it is already in place and that the we want to protect it, it is possible to apply a matte varnish on the most exposed places such as doors or skirting boards.

How to choose a matte paint

First reflex: check that the paint is up to standard with the NF logo preferably and the Ecocert label for ecological paints. It remains only to choose according to his tastes colors and aspects more or less velvety. A new trend is beginning to emerge, and matte paint manufacturers have introduced ever more numerous and advantageous combinations on the market with insulating functions, semi-gloss or lacquered washable versions. The consumer today has every chance to find his ideal matte paint.

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