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Whether in the context of construction or renovation, painting remains an essential step in the decoration of walls and ceilings. Different products can be used. For those who prefer a smooth and glossy finish, the satin paint is just right. What are the characteristics of this product and how to use it?

Satin paints, all colors available!

Satin paints, all colors available!

Illuminate your rooms with satin paint

Satin paint is characterized by made "satin" and smooth, with silky reflections. It provides a glossy finish that reflects light through a mirror effect, with vibrant hues.

Compared to the very opaque glycerol paint which requires a white spirit cleaning and rejects volatile organic compounds (VOC), the acrylic paint for its part offers many advantages: a softer satin and easy maintenance washable with water. Lacquer also offers a beautiful shine, provided it is applied to a clean surface and taking care to use an undercoat to obtain a smooth rendering.

On the decorative side, the satin paints are perfect to give an impression of volume. For example, one piece of wall can be painted to reinforce the depth of a room. Depending on the desired effect, this type of paint can also be dappled or poached. In any case, for a clean and regular appearance, the support to be painted must be properly prepared with a smoothing coating for plug the holes and imperfections.

Advantages and disadvantages

If satin paint is used today in interior painting, it is certainly not a coincidence. From the practical point of view, it is very easy to apply but also to maintain with a cleaning with water. It also allows to visually enlarge the space by providing a good dose of brightness and there is a wide range of colors.

There is however a slight flat. Since a satin finish strongly reflects the light, it tends to highlight the small and large defects of the walls (wall crack).

For which parts?

Satin paints are suitable for all rooms of the house, whether the bedroom, the living room, the dining room, the kitchen or the bathroom. However, because of its characteristics, satin paint is particularly suitable for wet rooms and areas with very strong passage.

To note a solvent-based glycerophthalic paint is perfect for painting a bathroom or kitchen, because its surface is smooth, washable and withstands moisture much better than acrylic-based paints of water.

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