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A palace for dogs

The arrival of a dog is an important moment in the life of the home as in that of the animal. Stirring and player, the latter demands a lot of care and attention. This is why your home must be perfectly prepared to welcome this faithful companion, otherwise your hairball will quickly devastate all of your business. To help you in this crucial step, Handyman gives you all the keys to create a space suitable for your new friend on all fours.

The essential elements for your dog.

A palace for dogs: palace

Before the arrival of the dog, it is essential to provide a minimum investment, starting with his sleeping. If you prefer that he sleep inside, you will choose a washable basket, suitable for his size, or his future adult size if it is a puppy. This basket must be strong enough to withstand the constant onslaught of a rough animal and not always very clean. On the other hand if he sleeps outside, you will have to provide him with a solid niche, big enough so that he can take his ease, easy to clean and especially well insulated so that he does not suffer from the cold and bad weather. On the other hand, it will take your dog a bowl for water and another for food, preferring a heavy and resistant model and by providing a set to place underneath to prevent possible overflows. Finally, do not forget to buy some toys to distract your dog and prevent him from getting his teeth on your stuff.

Secure the perimeter.

If it is not well framed, a dog can quickly become destructive or runaway. That is why it is necessary to secure your home for the well-being of all. If you live in a house, the first thing to do is to check that the fence and the gate do not allow the dog to escape. If this is the case, then it will be necessary to reinforce them with a solid fence or more appropriate barriers. Secondly, if certain places are forbidden to dogs then certain measures must be taken such as installing locks at the doors or child safety barriers. Finally, remember to put out of the dog worn items likely to be chewed or damaged such as newspapers, plants, fragile objects, pens or remotes some of which are especially fond of.

An installation adapted to your dog.

A palace for dogs: home

To feel at home your dog needs a corner of his own with his sleeping and toys, but beware, it is out of the question to place in the middle of the living room or across the hall. Indeed, it is better to choose a quiet corner and away from the household so that it can rest in peace. In the early days, do not let him wander as you please in your home, but let him gradually discover your home room after room to familiarize him with this new environment.

Finally, do not forget to buy some accessories like a collar or a harness and a leash and a brush adapted to your dog's hair.

To make your dog feel at home, here are some tips from Miss Assens, animal behaviorist: To socialize your dog, you must offer him the opportunity to meet other dogs, let them feel, play, interact and show him various types of people (children, people with a cane...). This will make your animal more open to all beings around him. Same thing for animals, if you want to cohabit canines and cats one day, it is better that your dog has already seen puppy. Be sure to give your dog his corner, his space where no one comes to annoy him when he is calm. This site will be the place to where to send it for you too to have your entire space at times. Dogs need to chew; a hobby to which they particularly like to devote themselves when their masters are absent and which is very often very devastating. To remedy this, I advise to leave him at disposal a kong (a dog toy for this use) or a knee of beef, bone marrow or equivalent, the size adapted to its jaw. Your pet will tend to use this object as others to satisfy his need to chew. Knotted ropes can also be excellent toys, the goal is to vary regularly and be inventive in your play activities and learning with your pet. The more his activities with you will be stimulated, the more calm he will be.

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