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Shutter for glass roofs and verandas in new and renovation

This component allows to enjoy the veranda throughout the year. It acts as a heat shield against the greenhouse effect in the summer as well as an additional protection against the cold during the winter.

Shutter for glass roofs and verandas in new and renovation: verandas

For all types of canopies and verandas

Thanks to its wide widths, its long fall, its angles of slope from 0 to 81°, the shutter ROLAX is adapted to all types of canopies and verandas.
It comes in four standard colors, matching the colors of the most classic conservatory structures: white, light gray, ivory and brown. The range of colors is almost infinite. This diversity of shades makes it possible to adapt the ROLAX shutter to the different regional architectural styles as well as all styles of verandas (Victorian, Empire, contemporary, modern, etc.).

A real heat shield

A real heat shield

Thanks to the rigidity of its double-walled aluminum deck, this shutter is very resistant to sun and wind.
To save money on heating in winter, simply lower the shutter to insulate the porch from the cold. When the sun shines, on the contrary, you only have to raise it to let in the sun's rays and warm it up.
In summer, his performances are even more spectacular. In full sun, it forms a real thermal barrier, guaranteeing a temperature drop of up to 20° C (survey carried out under the control of bailiff).

Customized shutters

The Rolax shutter offers the benefits of a custom-made industrial product. It can adapt to the dimensions of your veranda while enjoying a quality worthy of tailor-made.
Its exclusive and patented direct winding system covers 6 m of fall while the width can reach up to 1.80 m. As they can be driven in groups of 5 using a single engine, they are juxtaposed very easily.
Technical characteristics
Maximum width: 1800 mm the frame, juxtaposed to infinity
Maximum fall: 6000 mm
Box height: 212 or 263 mm
Orders: radio (standard) or wired
Automatisms and group controls possible in case of Rolax contiguous, up to 1 motor for 5 frames
colors: 4 colors of apron (White, Alu gray, Light ivory, Brown) 15 specific colors + satin RAL color chart for framing

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