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Originally made of wood, wall paneling can also be made of PVC. Rediscover this wall covering updated by designers.

Wall paneling

Wall paneling

Why install wall paneling?

Paneling can decorate a wall in a modern way. All types of rooms can accommodate paneling on their walls, whether it is a living room, a corridor, or a pond. Use it sparingly, as a room covered with wood paneling may have an oppressive effect, such as wall fabric.

Paneling can hide the unsightly elements such as electrical wires or pipes. It is also your ally against noise and cold thanks to its insulating abilities. Know that it is not possible to isolate your room if you stick your paneling to the wall. Indeed, a space between the wall and the paneling is necessary to place a layer of insulation. In addition, the glue is likely to leave stains on the paneling, which is why it is not recommended. It is better to put it on a wooden structure made of cleats.

Wide possibilities of decoration

We can place the paneling vertically, horizontally and even obliquely. You can choose thin blades from 7 cm, or very wide around 20 cm. Using panels of different widths is very modern and the most beautiful effect.

The finishes of the wall paneling are very numerous. Choose the one that suits the mood you want to create in your home:

  • Raw sawing: perfect for rustic decorations, but avoid in the kitchen because this finish retains dust and is rough.
  • Planed sawn aspect: a little smoother but retains an authentic character.
  • Brushed appearance: highlights the grain of the wood.Lisse: can slip everywhere, even in varnished PVC version in your bathroom.

The rough paneling to paint allows you to customize your walls with wax, stain or paint.

Of many species of wood are available, making paneling a wall covering accessible to all budgets. Softwoods (fir tree for example) are the cheapest wooden wall paneling. The mid-range consists of oak or cedar. If you are looking for more luxurious woods, you can turn to ebony or rosewood.

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