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I want to put paneling "inside the outer walls", to obtain a supplement of insulation (my house dates from 80, and its insulation is average, I do not have problems of humidity). Is this a good solution (I am not looking for the maximum performance, but I hope a more "palpable")? Is it desirable in addition to insert an insulation between wall and paneling (polystyrene, thin insulation)?

It is a good idea to use wood paneling to improve the interior insulation of a home.

For the installation of PVC paneling, you can refer to the sheet.

You will also find a sheet on the installation of wood paneling.

The presence of cleats promotes the installation of insulation at the same time. No thin reflective insulator that would create a tight barrier resulting in risk of condensation. You can put rigid panels of mineral wool (glass or rock), vegetable (hemp), etc. or thin panels of extruded polystyrene, or cork (excellent for sound insulation).

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