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Line a ceiling

Gluing wallpaper to the ceiling will help to make the atmosphere of a room more intimate. This will also often be an excellent solution for masking ceiling defects (cracks) provided, however, that the old paint is strong enough to support the weight of the paper.

Necessary material

  • Glue bucket
  • Brush to glue
  • Stool
  • rubbing brush
  • Household broom
  • Roulette with seal

Line a ceiling: ceiling

1. The choice of paper.
In theory, modern glues allow the laying of all papers, but it is advisable not to cover a ceiling with a very heavy paper, which could come off later. Do not use filleted papers, and avoid striped ones, unless you want to get some perspective, for decorative purposes. There are also coordinated papers in the collections that can give you ideas of original decorations. If two papers are patterned, choose the smaller ones for the ceiling or coordinate a plain with a patterned paper on the walls. Know finally that there are papers to paint which, in the case of the ceiling, will be very useful to hide the defects.

Line a ceiling: paper

2. The laying technique.
It goes without saying that it is not very convenient to put paper on the ceiling alone. But the technique shown in the photos allows it if you can not find anyone to help you. Normally proceed to the glueing on the back of the lé, and possibly to a pre-gluing of the ceiling, if this one is very porous. Fold the accordion in one piece, about 50 centimeters long.

Line a ceiling: line

3. Implementation.
Then apply the paper starting at an angle. Use a wallpaper brush for masking and a broom to hold the part of the folded. To make the connections between as discrete as possible, always lay in the direction of light: towards the window and if possible in the axis of the entry of the room.

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