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The technology is sometimes good and the parasol connected is the proof! Smart parasol, it adapts to UV radiation and uses solar energy to recharge the batteries of your electronic devices. Discover with DuitDesign what a connected parasol, what are its main advantages and which model to choose.

The connected sunshade

The connected sunshade

Sunshade connected: what is it?

The parasol connected is a parasol with a artificial intelligence which allows you to communicate with you and provide you with information such as humidity, UV radiation or temperature for example. It works thanks to the'solar energy and allows you to charge your smartphone or mp3 player through a USB port. Still not very commercialized, it knows however more and more success and its price tends to be more and more accessible.

The benefits of the connected sunshade

The connected sunshade was first designed to protect users as much as possible from UV rays since the first models allowed follow the movements of the sun. Gradually, its functions have developed and offer other benefits to vacationers such as the ability to charge a phone, learn about the weather and interact with other users of the umbrella connected.

Umbrella connected: which one to choose?

In the market for connected parasols, there are still few models to choose from according to the options they offer and the prices charged by the manufacturer:

  • SunFlower parasol: released in 2017, this connected sunshade gives you information on the UV radiation, the humidity of the air as well as its quality and temperature. It also folds itself in case of strong winds and can charge phones, tablets or even connect speakers to listen to music. It can connect to other devices in your home and offers the ability to monitor your garden with its built-in camera. It is sold between 2000 and 3000 dollars.
  • E-Parasol: more for professionals, it can charge phones, tablets and other electrical devices with its solar panels. Equipped with LED, it also allows to communicate with servers in a bar or restaurant. Its price is also very high. Count around 1800 euros.
  • Leaf For Life Parasol: this connected sunshade, made in the south of France, is the most affordable of all. It is actually a shade sail treated anti-UV and equipped with a solar panel. Its specially designed shape prevents it from flying away even in strong winds. Very light and easy to fold and unfold, it is easily carried away on the beach. Like any sunshade connected, the Leaf For Life offers two USB ports to charge phones and tablets. Count around 165 euros.
  • The SensySun parasolIt can recharge your phone in two hours and also offers the possibility to communicate between all SensySun users. Totally interactive, this connected sunshade informs holidaymakers about the outdoor temperature, the UV index or the safety instructions for swimming.

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