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Parking spaces and condominium parking can be private or shared. These parking spaces may be in the form of a defined square or a box, located in the basement or on the surface. Whatever the situation, there are specific regulations that must be respected.

Parking and parking condominium

Parking and parking condominium

Private part or common part?

Condominiums do not always apply the same rules regarding parking spaces and the specificities are indicated in the co-ownership regulations. If a parking space is attributed to an apartment, in this case we talk about private parking space and the designated co-owner then uses it exclusively. From the legal point of view, the parking place is then associated with a cadastre number as well as a share of the charges and the number of associated votes. The owner can assert the latter during the general meeting of co-owners.

It is also possible that the parking space is on a common part whose use is restricted. The co-owners then justify a right of use a parking space without however owning it. The spaces concerned then remain common areas and are not associated with a dedicated cadastre number. These places do not therefore qualify for votes during the General Assembly.

Parking and condominium parking: respect the rules

The conditions of enjoyment of a parking space are generally included and clearly detailed in the regulations of the condominium. The co-owners must comply strictly and use the space that is made available to them in strict compliance with the established rules. In general, the rules are similar from one condominium to another.

If it is a private parking, its sale can only be considered taking into account the provisions of the declaration of co-ownership (for example, an assignment can only be made to another co-owner).

Unless expressly authorized, the parking space, whether private or shared, must be exclusively intended for the parking of a vehicle, a car or a motorcycle. It is forbidden to use parking to make repairsunless it is an emergency and a very exceptional case. Similarly, it is not possible to store various objects or bulky (a bike, cardboard, wood...).

The charges inherent to parking and condominium parking are among the general expenses. These include maintenance and conservation work, as well as administrative management costs. The value of the lot held by the co-owner serves as a basis for defining the shares of the common portions and for determining the value of the corresponding general expenses.

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