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For the floating installation, the floorboards are separated from the support but assembled together by gluing. This technique makes it possible to place a parquet floor on an old support (parquet, tiling, screed) without having to deposit it, or even on a carpet cut needled type.

Floating parquet underlayment

Another advantage of the floating installation, this separation makes it possible to avoid the transmission of the noises of the support to the structure of the building.
Some manufacturers propose, for the floating installation, boards of parquet which are clipped, and do not stick. The pose is even simpler but icing on the cake, it is easy to disassemble the day you move....

The underlayers

Floating parquet underlayment

Underlayments (slabs or tiles) cost between 2 € / m² for expanded polystyrene and 6 € / m² for bituminous products. They allow to isolate the floor of its support.
The parquet thus disengaged no longer fears the rising damp often present on the ground floor of houses and those still present in the support freshly cast.
These underlays also increase the sound insulation. They make it possible to limit the resonance of footsteps in the room and their propagation in the rooms below.
They also have the advantage of absorbing the slight asperities of the ground by creating a soft mattress under the floor.
They are placed perpendicular to the direction of the floor and should not be superimposed (unless they are composed of thin edges).

The laying of the floating floor

Laying floating floorboards on underlayment

  • Lay on the underlayment a first row of blades (tongues to oneself) keeping a peripheral clearance of about 8 mm (use shims).

Gluing a floating floor

  • Glue the longitudinal and abutting grooves of the second row of the blade with vinyl glue. Lay a regular bead.

Interlocking floating floorboards

  • Fit the blades one after the other using a wedge and hammer hammer to push them in without damaging the tabs.

Laying the last floating floor board

  • The last blade in place, cut the underlay that protrudes to the height of the parquet.
  • Let dry, then lay the skirting boards.

Video Instruction: Floating installation of tilo parquet floors