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I want to fix a television high on a partition in BA13. A double electrical socket and a dish antenna antenna are already installed above the plinth. I want to keep them but from these extend the circuit to install two new height on the wall behind the television but they are embedded, ie without putting rods. How to do this installation behind the partition? Thank you in advance.

- If the BA 13 is fixed on metal frame, there is no other solution than to deposit the plates to pass behind a cable of type R2V U1000 in the vacuum left behind the BA 13 (if you use conductors Individual rigid, they must be sheathed with a non-flame propagating ICTA sheath - so never orange). This operation can only succeed if there are no obstacles on the course.
- If the BA 13 is in fact an insulating doubling glued on the wall, you can make grooves in the plasterboard (in the regulatory conditions of distances and orientation), accommodate the ducts and the conductors, and reseal then with plaster.

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