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Glue an item to the wall.

With a suitable glue, it is quite possible to attach a coat stand, a frame or a small shelf to the wall without having to use the drill or hammer and without leaving a trace.

Difficulty level:


Tools and materials needed:

A suitable glue.
One meter.
A spirit level.
A pencil.
A cloth.

Step 1: Prepare the wall.

Start by making sure that your support is perfectly fit to support the weight of the element to fix. So you will avoid sticking heavy loads on thin walls.
In order for the adhesive to adhere perfectly to the wall, it must be perfectly clean, dry and degreased.
Then determine the position of the object, then install the blank and check that it is square with the spirit level.
Then draw some markers directly on the wall with a wooden pencil.

Step 2: Fix the object.

Start by cleaning or degreasing the element to fix on the wall.
If necessary, prepare your cartridge or glue gun.
Then place a thin bead of glue along the object to be fixed, press it immediately and firmly against the wall and hold it for a few minutes.
Wait at least twenty-four hours before placing a load on your item.

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