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Broken dishes, small cracks, tears... a powerful glue finds its use in everyday life, for many repairs. Adapted to all surfaces, resistant, powerful and flexible, the new glue developed by UHU meets all the French requirements for gluing.

UHU max Repair adhesive

Stick everything with the Max Repair UHU glue

A universal and versatile glue

UHU Max Repair adhesive

Max Repair Multipurpose Glue

Max Repair adhesive is developed according to UHU Polymer Technology. In contact with the humidity of the air, the polymer molecules react by fixing themselves very securely to all the supports. A new generation collage for a guaranteed result every day. Available in tubes of 8 grams and 20 grams, this ultra-versatile glue is used to repair as to fill cracks and holes.

Use the Max Repair UHU glue

Repairing with Max Repair UHU

UHU Max Repair polymer adhesive

Apply the glue on a clean, dust-free, stain, grease and dry media. Approach the other surface and attach it. Press hard and keep the pressure for a few minutes. The glue reaches its maximum efficiency after 24 hours.

Max Repair glue properties

Max Repair a flexible and transparent glue

UHU Max Repair for everything sticking and repairing

Glue natural and odorless, which contains no solvents or isocyanates.
Glue resistant water (even dishwasher) and UV, which supports temperatures between -40 and 120° C.
A glue suitable for all materials: wood, stone, plastic, metal, for repairs outside and inside.
A transparent adhesive ensuring perfect and invisible finishes. Possibility of painting for a personalized rendering.
A collage durable and powerful, which guarantees an optimal support, despite the tensions and vibrations.

Video Instruction: UHU Patafix PROPower