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I bought 2 mirrors 160 x 20 wave shape, which I wanted to put on KZ metal doors of my entry. I go to Casto I am told there is only the special glue that goes well. I ask the same question at Leroy-Merlin, I'm told not to put double-sided... Who says true? and do you have to dismantle the doors to stick flat?

First of all, there is no need to dismantle the doors to stick the mirrors flat on it... It is true that until recently, the most classic method for stick mirrors was the double-sided tape. In 2009, the SADER brand released a "fixing masticwhich has the double advantage of a certain elasticity and which can nevertheless be easily peeled off using a spatula.

In the case that interests you, the elasticity of this very particular glue makes it possible to absorb the repeated vibrations related to the operation of the door. This is IDEE! FIXED you can find the presentation on the site, in the section IDEE! FIX DECOLABL (follow this link). You can also know the method to stick a mirror on the wall thanks to our diy tips tips.

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