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Patina is the natural aging of wood. It is acquired with time and use, bringing warmth and character to a wooden floor. But thanks to the technological innovations of many manufacturers, it is now possible to skate a new floor or to ask one already patina.

How to get a patina on a parquet?

To obtain a nice patina on a parquet, there are several methods and several products depending on the desired effect and depending on the type of parquet. Because as for furniture, it is possible to create artificially the aging effect of wood maintaining its natural color or tinting to obtain for example a trendy whitened or grayish effect. It is also possible to give a beautiful patina on an old floor stained, damaged or fouled.

Patiner a new floor

For a successful effect, it is preferable that the parquet is solid wood and raw so that the products penetrate properly. If the parquet is varnished or stained, sanding followed by good dusting is necessary.
You can then use a "Aging wood or parquet". Applied with a brush, it highlights the veining of the wood and accentuates the contrasts, as if your floor was over 100 years old. This type of product is particularly effective on tannic woods such as oak or chestnut. This 2-in-1 product both impregnates the wood and protects it from stains and dust. Available untinted, white, shades of gray or smoked, the shades can also be superimposed between them to get the deco shade you want.
A patina can also be obtained with a stain, tinted or not, or even a whitewash (very diluted paint) but a topcoat (wax or vitrifying type) will be necessary to then protect the floor attacks.

Give a patina to an old parquet

An old parquet does not necessarily have a nice patina. It can be stained or dirty with several layers of wax or varnish. To restore its original appearance, it must first be decried with a suitable product or sanded (if the tasks are many) before you can apply it to the aging of your choice.

What color of patina for a parquet?

Smoked oak, white gray, natural or black... There are many shading to fit all your desires, whether they are more traditional (such as white or natural tint) or more design like gray and black. By first applying a dark color under a light color, add depth to your floor while enhancing its decorative effect.

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