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Patio often rhyme with sweetness of life. It is true that its central position in the house, encourages to make it a protected place, reserved for family and friends. Many amenities will allow you to create a patio that looks like you and that is a continuation of the decoration of your home.

The garden patio

The garden patio

The characteristics of a patio

In a house, the patio is an open courtyard. This type of arrangement has been known since ancient times. In the Roman world, it is the atrium of the patrician villas. Then He became the characteristic of the Andalusian houses of Spain. And he knows a renewed interest today with the safeguarding of riads (or ryhads) Moroccan.
This traditional habitat has mostly developed in hot countries. Surrounded and protected by the buildings around him, the patio is always fresh. Fountain or pond also helps maintain a lenient temperature.

The patio occupies in principle a central position in the ma ison. It does not communicate directly with the outside. But today, it is not uncommon to see the patio open on a beautiful landscape. Fortunately for him, he keeps the magic of a unique place, protected and where life is good. It is not a coincidence, if the most beautiful houses of architect take again the codes of the patio.

The patio, a living space in its own right

The patio is an extension of the house. If he benefits from the outside influence, he remains nevertheless turned towards the interior of the house. That's what makes it a unique place.
In summer, it remains cooler than a terrace in full sun. In winter, he enjoys the warmth of the surrounding walls. This is the ideal place to receive friends around a pretty table or to laze in a hammock!

In the summer, shade sails stretched between the walls bring a beneficial shade.
And reconnect with tradition by installing a fountain or a pond. Choose the design of your fountain according to the style of your furniture and the atmosphere you want to give your patio.

When the weather gets cooler, enjoy your patio again by installing an outdoor fireplace or a brazier. Nomadic model that you move according to your needs or model to integrate in a masonry, one or the other will bring you the heat and the seduction of the fire. If the idea of ​​going to cut the wood does not inspire you, bio ethanol fireplaces will fill you.

Install plants in a patio

Without making your patio a lush jungle, some judiciously chosen plants will bring life. And because it is protected, you can eventually acclimatize some exotic plants. Do not hesitate to ask for advice in your usual garden center.
Be careful though, the brightness of a patio is often less than that of the garden. Choose plants adapted to this enclosed and semi-shaded environment.
If your patio does not have soil, install planters and / or pots. In colored resin, concrete or steel, these containers of the model XS to XXL, you will be able to install some shrubs, even to see dwarf trees or of weak development.
The patio often takes the characteristics of the contemporary garden with its clean lines and very graphic.

Decoration and lighting of the patio

The patio is an integral part of the house even if its ceiling is the sky! It must therefore be comfortable. The garden furniture designers offer a wide choice of form and material (rattan, braided resin, wood, steel, glass, wrought iron, etc.). Play with colors and shapes to create your style and above all privilege comfort.
There too, adapt the furniture to the space you have. An overloaded patio will surely lose its charm. Also do not forget that your patio is visible from the inside of the house. His style must be in keeping with your interior design.

Lighting is very important to create a beautiful atmosphere at night. Rather than a large lamppost, scatter different lights in the patio. With some LED spots, highlight the silhouette of a beautiful shrub. Highlight a planter with a LED garland. Appliques to the dining area, allow you to extend a dinner.

Video Instruction: How to lay a patio