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Place of life located between the outside garden and the interior of the house, the contemporary patio is home to a swimming pool. Its protected location makes it even the ideal place to install a pool and enjoy the pleasures of bathing in a protected place.

A garden patio with swimming pool

A garden patio with swimming pool

The benefits of installing a pool on a patio

By definition the patio is an open courtyard. Located in the heart of the house, it enjoys the protection that gives it its privileged location. summer the patio stays cooler. The winter is less cold. In any case, it remains protected from the wind. The temperature of the pool water will therefore remain more constant.
In some cases, the patio can even be covered by a glass roof in order to protect the pool. But, it does not answer then to the definition of the patio which traditionally must have the sky for ceiling!

Choose the size of your pool in relation to the size of your patio

Unless you have a huge patio, you will not have a huge pool... This is good, the fashion is rather small pool.
The bigger the pool and the more expensive it is. Dear to build and equip but also expensive to maintain. Today you find more and more pools less than 10 m² that allow you to enjoy the joys of water without breaking the bank and in a small space. In addition, a pool of less than 10 m² does not require no administrative authorization.

The pool must fit into its environment and your habits. Depending on how you plan to build the area around the basin, reserve more or less spacious beaches. By cons, nothing requires you to plant your pile pile in the middle of the patio. On the contrary, a shift on one side or another will leave more room to build a terrace and have some loungers.

A small pool but with all the facilities of a large

With some equipment you can enjoy the benefits of large pools in a small volume:

  • A swim bow or one counter-current swim system that allows you to really swim even in a micro basin.
  • A staircase positioned on the width that will visually enlarge the basin.
  • A design water slide to give character to your pond.
  • A toboggan for the enjoyment of children.
  • A balneo area for relaxation.

You find these equipments in all piscinists. In fact, it's up to you to determine what you want to do with your pool. A playground for big and small children, a place to relax, a pool for swimming...

Create the atmosphere in your patio with swimming pool

Depending on your budget and the location of your patio, you will choose between an underground pool, semi-buried or above ground. Attention digging a buried pool should not destabilize the building around the patio. In addition, you have to be able to evacuate the land. The above-ground or semi-underground pool is a practical solution in a patio. Especially since there are many ways to dress the entourage of a pool: Terrace, deck, etc.
For customize your decor play on the color of the pool liner: White or sand to bring light to a dark patio. Black for a modern pool in a contemporary environment. Turquoise blue or caribbean green for the exotic.

In the evening, lighting is essential. Pool lights LED for color and economy. Pool projector to extend children's games on a summer evening. Fiber optic lighting or floating solar light for a unique and personalized atmosphere.
Have a nice swim in your patio!

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