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Following a mess on the entire floor of the ground floor (hollow ring + cracks on the joints), I involved the manufacturer as part of the guarantee of perfect completion. The builder has exercised its civil liability with its insurer. The expertise took place a few weeks later and its conclusion shows that it has about twenty tiles that present this disorder while it is the whole of the DRC that presents this mess VERY annoying when we walk on it (noise resonance and snapping). But the insurer does not want to intervene for repairs and he does not want to do a search for the cause. How is it that the guarantee of perfect completion does not fit into this framework? Should I make a letter to aggravate disorder and redo a new expertise? Must I make a finding of bailiff and I assign the renowned manufacturer with the help of a lawyer.

As part of the housing construction contract, the guarantee of perfect completion lasts one year and begins on the date of receipt of the work. It allows the repair of all the disorders or defects reported by the customer to the manufacturer. If you have expressed reservations during the acceptance report, the builder is obliged to carry out the repairs. If this is not the case, you have a period of one year to draft a written notification and require repairs. If there is reluctance as it seems to be the case, you must assign the manufacturer to the High Court.

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