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Oil is part of fossil fuels and tends to disappear in favor of renewable energies. However, regardless of the model, the stove still fuels a number of homes because it has many benefits and is always more efficient and more economical than electric heating.

The different types of oil stoves

If you choose to equip yourself with an oil stove, you will have two choices: the oil stove with yellow flame and the oil stove with blue flame. The yellow flame model is the basic model. It produces waste (soot) and requires regular maintenance to ensure its proper functioning. The blue flame model is an improved version that requires much less maintenance. Indeed, only one sweeping per year is enough to keep it in good working order. Its consumption is lower and its yield higher. Of course, all these qualities have a price. The oil stove with blue flame is more expensive to buy.

The advantages of the oil stove

The oil stove is very popular because it is a powerful heating system. It allows to heat a house very quickly and diffuse a very pleasant heat. The apparent flame further enhances the warm atmosphere by adding an aesthetic touch. Oil stoves are subject to the NF-EN-1 standard who guarantees the quality of the devices and ensures safe use. Oil burning stoves are an excellent heating solution because they have a high calorific value and are much cheaper than electric heaters. However, fuel oil remains a fuel that has experienced rising oil prices. Its price is so high. In addition, it tends to give off a rather unpleasant smell at startup.

Price and performance of the oil stove

Even if the oil stove is powerful enough, it is not the most economical heating system. On the contrary. After spending between 200 and 1000 euros to buy the stove, add a few fees to connect it to a vent. Also count the costs of sweeping and the price of fuel that increases with the price of oil. To produce one kWh, you will consume about 0.15 cents of fuel oil. The energy expenditure of fuel oil so is similar to that of the gas stove but its performance and calorific value are superior. Even though the fuel seems to be expensive fuel, it still remains more economical than electricity. However, he can not benefit from any financial assistance or take advantage of the tax credit.

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