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A gas stove diffuses a pleasant heat through the combustion of gas by a burner. It works with propane or butane and is ideal as an auxiliary heater. Discover the different models of gas stove existing on the market, their advantages and their cost of use.

The different types of gas stove

There are 3 main types of gas stoves on the market:

  • The infrableu gas stove that hints at a blue flame during combustion. This is the most common and cheapest type of gas stove on the market.
  • The infrared gas stove works with refractory bricks that radiate heat sustainably. This model has the advantage of not drying the air.
  • With the catalytic gas stove, the heat is diffused by radiation thanks to ceramic panels. This type of stove is more suited to small parts.

The advantages of the gas stove

The gas stove has significant advantages in its daily use and tends to make your life easier. Indeed, it is very easy to use and does not need to be recharged every hour as claimed by a wood stove for example. If you opt for a mobile version, your stove does not need to be connected to a vent. Be aware that catalytic gas stoves are more popular than infrablue or infrared stoves because they emit very little toxic gas and consume much less fuel for the same performance. By equipping you with a gas stove, you will enjoy a pleasant, homogeneous heat in your house from the first minutes of use.

Price and performance of the gas stove

Although the gas stove is very popular for its high calorific value, it does not allow to heat an entire house and there remains un quite expensive heating system just like the oil stove. To equip you with a gas stove, no need to have a big budget. You will find models between 100 euros for the stoves first price and 500 euros for the stoves upscale. It is during use that the gas stove will cost you the most. To produce a KWhyou will have to consume 0.14 cents of gas against 0.04 cents for a wood stove.
Also note that a 13kg gas bottle costs around 25 euros. That said, gas is still a more affordable energy than electricity that breaks all records in terms of energy expenditure.

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