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Manually make a rabbet assembly

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Necessary tools:

Wood glue. Nails. Sanding paper. A wooden pencil. A folding workbench or vice. A hammer. A saw with backpack.

The rabbet assembly is a very simple assembly to achieve and a very satisfactory strength. It makes it possible to fix two pieces of wood together forming a right angle, the first covering the other, and is in the form of an assembly in L.

Manually make a rabbet assembly: manually

Step 1: Prepare the cut of the rabbet.

This first step is intended to take the marks necessary for the formation of a rabbet. In this regard, be aware that to ensure the proper stability of the assembly it is not good to overly wood. The thickness to be cut must not exceed three quarters of the total thickness of the part. That being said, take your pencil and put the thickness of the piece together from its end. Draw a vertical line from this point and make a horizontal line at right angles. The rectangle thus formed is your cutting plan.

Manually make a rabbet assembly: make

Step 2: Make the cut of the rabbet

You have two cuts to make, one horizontal and one vertical. For vertical cutting, stabilize the piece of wood with a bench or vice. During these operations the saw to back should be held well straight so that the cut is perfectly clear.

Manually make a rabbet assembly: make

Step 3: Paste the assembly.

First of all, get rid of the wood dust produced by sawing by a quick cleaning that will ensure a good quality of bonding. Then glue the inner sides of the rabbet and proceed to assembly.

Manually make a rabbet assembly: rabbet

If any excess glue dries to the surface, wipe them clean.

Step 4: Reinforce the assembly with nails.

It is not necessary to wait until the glue dries to plant the nails, on the contrary. For maximum strength, do not wait and plant the nails obliquely alternately. To do this, you just need to take a cue from the edge of the rabbet and plant a right-angled nail, then a left-angled nail, and so on depending on the width of your joint. The only precaution to take with this technique is to ensure that the two outer nails are planted inward and that the space between the nails is regular.

Manually make a rabbet assembly: manually

Manually make a rabbet assembly: manually

That's it, your assembly is finished.

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