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The choice of a pergola is not done lightly. Once installed, it will be there for years, so do not make mistakes. Among the many models, the pergola with adjustable blades is undoubtedly an ideal solution.

Swiveling blades, for what type of pergola?

Swiveling blades are planned for a bioclimatic pergola backed by the house. This connected roof allows you to enjoy your terrace throughout the year, whatever the weather. Automated blades help keep warmth or freshness in your relaxation area.

Usually made of aluminum, a pergola roof with adjustable blades offers a high weather resistance. It is even possible to integrate a rainwater recovery system. A considerable advantage that avoids stagnant water on or in front of the terrace, and also gives the possibility to reuse the harvested water.

The advantages of the bioclimatic pergola with adjustable blades

The adjustable blades allow you to decide for yourself to intensify or not the brightness, to protect your terrace from the rain or the sun. This is not insignificant, you are now the only master on board! You can even program the system remotely, with a single click. In summer, you can keep cool in your relaxation area or enjoy the sun's rays. At the first drops of rain, the roof of the pergola closes to protect your terrace from moisture.

Thanks to the adjustable blades, you can regulate the temperature of the terrace depending on the sun. Thus equipped, your terrace becomes a space of life in any season. The bioclimatic pergola is a good way to enlarge your house...

How do the adjustable blades work?

The adjustable blades on pergola are of course on the roof, but not only. Adjustable shutters can also be installed on the sides of the pergola for even more comfort. So you can orient these blades to your liking, allowing or not the sun's rays.

But that's not all. Thanks to rain sensors, the blades close automatically! Similarly, wind sensors trigger the closing of the blades at the first flurry. In most models, the blades can be oriented from 0 to 120° which leaves great possibilities. This kind of pergola is equipped with a wireless motorized system that controls the orientation of the blades. Home automation allows remote programming, from your office for example.

Price of a bioclimatic pergola orientable

The installation of this sophisticated model requires the intervention of competent and experienced technicians. The cost of a bioclimatic pergola is usually measured per square meter. The price is between 700 and 1000 € per m², including installation costs. This price varies according to the configuration of the pergola, the options chosen, the complexity of installation, the quality of materials...

Although the investment is still important, choosing a pergola with adjustable blades is opting for undeniable peace of mind! This home automation system also brings added value to your home if you want to sell it.

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