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Good evening, I did install here about 2 years, a kitchen with doors 'solid oak', (santogine doucine) The set has 6 doors and 5 drawer fronts, it was billed me, "Tint and varnish doors" € 1350. After about 18 months, all the parts around the opening cabochons of the doors and drawers have turned black. Impossible to find the natural color of the wood. The Artisan cook tells me that this is normal use of natural wear... For the amount requested it seems to me a little scam. What do you think? and what is the process to follow.

After 18 months of normal use, this aging seems indeed excessive, it is likely that the varnish applied is not compatible with use in the kitchen. If no amicable compromise is possible, and if the warranty period is exceeded, it is nevertheless possible to argue about the hidden defect, a defect considered important enough, for the buyer to renounce the purchase, the less at this price (article 1641 of the Civil Code). In addition, the buyer has a period of two years, from the discovery of the hidden defect, to bring an action in guarantee of hidden defects (Article 1648 of the Civil Code). Another way is to ask for compensation (Article 1644 of the Civil Code), but this does not solve the problem of substance.

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