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The presence of pests in an attic can be problematic because of noise when it comes to rodents, but mostly because they can damage the roof or the objects stored there. How do the pests enter the attic? Are there any precautions to take to avoid pests and is it always necessary to get rid of them?

Harmful in the attic

Harmful in the attic

How do pests manage to get into an attic?

When we talk about harmfulwe talk about all the animals and insects can interfere with everyday life. These may be mice, rats, squirrels, woodworms or caterpillars. But it can also be a bat who has established his home in the attic of a house. It is not very difficult for animals and pests to settle in an attic. Just an opening in the wall or on the roof to allow them to enter. Rodents can also go through holes in the walls or in the air ducts.

Precautions to be taken not to be invaded by pests

To prevent pests from settling in an attic, it is important to follow certain hygiene rules:

  • Do not let foods get trapped;
  • Block the holes through which would be likely to pass a rat or mouse;
  • With regard to insects such as mites and caterpillars, care must be taken close the cupboards and other storage areas in which textiles are stored and mothproofed to prevent the return of damaged clothing;
  • For wood, do not forget to treat and maintain it so that the worms do not pierce furrows.

Should we get rid of it?

If there are rats or mice in an attic, you have to react quickly before they reproduce. It is imperative to get rid of them because rats are carriers of diseases that they can transmit to humans. In addition, these animals can degrade a dwelling in gnawing walls and electrical cables. It is also better to dislodge honeycombs and wasps to avoid their bites.

On the other hand, having Bats in his attic does not present big dangers: we can call on a professional to get rid of them but bats in France are not carriers of diseases transmissible to humans. In addition, they feed mainly on insects: having some at home can not have too many insects near his home!

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