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Hearing noises in your attic is usually not a good sign. Pests can take possession of the roof of a house and nest there. But how to identify them and how to get rid of them?

Pests under your roof

Pests under your roof

The different types of pests

Many kinds of pests can take up residence under your roof: they can be rodents like mice, rats or even squirrels. Insects also cause some inconvenience:

  • Moths and caterpillars can damage all textiles;
  • Woodworms may damage the roof;
  • Bees and wasps that have their nest under a roof also present an undeniable danger.

How do pests settle under the roof?

The bees where the wasps can be installed under the roofs easily enough. They usually take advantage of the fact that a tile is missing on the roof to be able to return.
In the case of rodents, it is essential to pay attention to the holes and spaces in the walls and at the level of the air ducts, because in addition to being good climbers, rodents also have a great capacity for retraction. which allows them to slip into a small entrance. You must also be careful not to have too much vegetation around your house because rodents could hide there, making their capture even more difficult.

What to do to get rid of pests under his roof?

Rodents and insectsThey breed quickly. It is important to react quickly before being completely invaded. At first, we can try to get rid of it alone by setting traps to catch them. To prevent other rodents from entering the house, it is necessary to find the holes through which they could have passed and reseal them. In the case of rats, it is recommended to call in a professional, especially because the rat droppingsIt can be dangerous for human health. After getting rid of squirrels, it is advisable to cut tree branches who may be near the roof to prevent their ascent. The maintenance of vegetation should not be neglected if you do not want the pests to come back.
Finally concerning bees and wasps, the best is also to call a professional not to put himself in danger.

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