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The double spindle is a tool that allows drilling for two trunnions with millimeter precision. Main interest: prevent the pieces from turning on themselves.

use a double spooler

Necessary material

Mark: Triton
Model: TDJ600
Power: 600 W
No load speed: 17,500 rpm
Gap between wicks: 32 mm
Drilling depth: 0-38 mm Guide slope: 0-90° Guide height: 9-43 mm
Net weight: 3.3 kg
Sound pressure: 83 dB
Supplied accessory: wick of Ø 8 mm
Indicated price: 209 €

Originality of the tool

Usually, the installation of trunnions is done with a drill with a wood drill. The difficulty is to measure the gap between the holes and their position on the two pieces of wood to be joined, to keep the drill perpendicular to the face to be drilled and to keep a constant drilling depth.
This tool allows you to simultaneously operate two drills with a constant center distance of 32 mm and to obtain an accurate assembly in a single operation.

Handling of the double spinning machine

For the user accustomed to the handling of the slat or cone milling machine (dominoes), the only difference with this jigger is that it can not be placed flat on its sole because of the presence of a comb. This is intended to engage in a toothed ruler (not supplied) to multiply the linear bores with the same constant distance (32 mm).

The double rifle with use

By accessorizing the Leman or Mafell compatible drill bit machine (because it is only available with a Ø 8 mm drill and two Ø 10 and 12 mm drill bits in addition) and using the toothed ruler to create rows of Ø 5 mm holes (eg for shelf cleats), we can exploit all the possibilities of this machine very useful for different types of carpentry.

• Economic
• Variety of uses
• Solid manufacturing
• Missing accessories
• Difficult drilling in hardwoods

Our opinion

This spindle is an effective alternative to trunnion drilling guides and false posts. With it, precision is a guarantee!

use of a double spinner

The machine was thought to allow a good grip, whether the drilling is vertical or horizontal.


It ensures a stable and precise work.

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