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We have in our mountain house (LOZERE 1000m) a water heater butane gas that works almost very well except that the old calamine constantly, of course it goes off and happily the security more hot water; every day clean it; this heater, although not very recent is in excellent condition and we would like to keep it by not replacing it with an electric cumulus which would pose us even more troublesome problems because the house is practically closed the 6 months of winter and that seems It is not necessary to drain a cumulus otherwise it rust but especially this year the tank would probably have frozen and split. thank you for your response to this multiple question and continue to inform us.

The extinction of the pilot comes from the fouling of the injector which ends up clogging. It must be removed for cleaning or replacing. I can unfortunately advise you that it is an operation that relates to a major safety element of the water heater. In addition, I remind you that a gas water heater must be checked and revised once a year, by a licensed technician (legal obligation). But you will have a hard time finding a technician who agrees to grant you an annual maintenance contract on old equipment. It will therefore intervene piecemeal... I advise you instead to give up your gas water heater in favor of an instantaneous electric water heater, certainly more expensive in operation, but ideally suited for occasional use as it seems to be your case.

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