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Clogged drains

The obstruction of the pipes is a normal phenomenon which results from the progressive clogging of the evacuations by the fats and the various rubbish. There are different ways to come out: none is very complicated.

Clogged drains: clogging

Equipment maintenance
Periodic application of chemical unblocker (caustic soda or trade-mark product) once a month, for example, prevents the accumulation of waste. This remains, by far, the best prevention.
Most siphons (accessory under the drain of the sink or sink) are now easily removable. The siphon is made to prevent both the rise of odors and the passage of waste and grease in the pipes: it is therefore normal that this detritus accumulates there. If you have a siphon with a PVC base:
- empty the stagnant water as much as possible in the sink or sink;
- place a bowl under the siphon;
- unscrew by hand the siphon cap or the inspection cap (you do not need any tools);
- recover the seal;
- eliminate waste left in the bottom of the base and sometimes hooked into the siphon (with a wire hook);
- replace the gasket on the base;
- screw the base back, making sure that the seal stays in place, without tightening too hard - run a little water to make sure it is watertight.
If the clogging persists is that the pipe is obstructed further.
The tools needed

  • Suction cup
  • Water pressure device

  • Ferret
  • Key set to disassemble a metal siphon

Unclog a pipeline
Chemical unblockers liquid or flake, can overcome the plugs that are not too far from the siphon. However, it is necessary to wait long enough for the product to act.
WarningIf this process is unsuccessful, wait until the chemical-laden liquid has drained before any other type of intervention or take all the necessary precautions to evacuate it.
The traditional suction cup rubber is of limited effect, except in WCs.

Clogged drains: sink

Water pressure appliances are very effective because they are based on the principle of the incompressibility of a liquid (Pascal's law). This is a piston device (controlled by a handle, a bit like a bicycle pump) and suction cup (adapted to the diameter of the orifice of the sanitary appliance). Water, pushed by pressure in the pipe easily flushes the plug, even if it is located very far in the pipeline, all the pressure exerted on the device being transmitted to it. Their use is simple:
- mount the suction cup of diameter adapted to that of the bung (evacuation orifice);
- fill the appliance with water up to half (sink, for example);
- plug the overflow holes;
- Fill the unloader cylinder with water by suction;
- place the suction cup on the outlet of the appliance;
- firmly push both the cylinder and the plunger of the unblocker.
It sometimes takes several times to chase the cork. If this method has no effect, you will need to use a ferret.
Using a water pressure device

Clogged drains: sink

Ferrets consists of a rotating pin, located at the end of a cable, housed in a sheath.
At the other end, the cable is connected to a small crank or connection system that can be mounted at the end of an electric drill.
The operation of the device is basic:
- Disassemble the siphon cap by hand (if it is a PVC model) or with a wrench (metal siphon) taking care to recover the seal (s);
- engage the ferret until it lands on the cork;
- turn the bottle brush until it is completely uncorked;
- remove the ferret, reassemble the siphon (do not forget the seal);
- run water to check the siphon for leaks (it is sometimes useful to replace the seal).
Using a ferret

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